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Why we need a partnership

DMOCF Invites you to have the opportunity to partner with us to change more lives. This organization started in 2014 by helping a widow with 6 children in a local church who had no one to turn to after the passing of a dear husband. We were inspired to do more by seeing those children back to school and giving the mother hope to live again as a petty trader.

Today, we simply cannot respond to the scale of demand that exists in our organization. It’s not just about the financial impact alone, we need volunteers in different fields like the health and social care sector. For example, we need Doctors and Nurses that would dedicate their time once a month to help our sick widows and children.

We need shelter for children without parents to have a home they called their own
All of our services are delivered free of charge. On average DMOCF receives less than 10 percent of our income from family and friends. Without the support of partners, we will not be able to deliver essential services that will have a significant and positive impact on the people we support.
We need you to stand with us today.




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41 Ibong road. Ikot Ekpene. Akwa ibom state. Nigeria

Click on the link to see different ways you can partner with us :

Free medical care

Free accommodation

Financial donations

Food donations

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